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Katherine Jenkins Panty Flash of the Day

I don’t know who Katherine Jenkins is, and I am too lazy to google her, I just know she’s flashing her white panties that would be more fun if they were stained or if they had a white spot or if they were sheer or better not even on…because really underwear, just get in the way of accidental and intentional pussy flashing…

I have a game with a girl I want to marry, or at least have sex with, where I guess her underwear color every fucking day, and every day, I am wrong, but more importantly, she is wrong, because she is always wearing fucking underwear, like some kind of nun or old lady with a bladder infection…when really, sometimes, air your shit out, especially when the paparazzi are there, so I can really take in what you’re working with, and whether you are an inny or an putty….but here’s her underwear anyway, even if it is boring as shit…

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