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Beyonce’s Topless Pic for Tumblr of the Day

I guess the most important thing to say when writing a Beyonce post is, who the fuck cares about Beyonce….and why the fuck am I writing a post on her “topless” picture that a bunch of websites have decided is news…and the sad thing is, I don’t have the answers, I just find it ridiculous that a picture that is clearly from a photoshoot of Beyonce possibly topless, is something people are talking about, because there is no nipple…and even if there was nipple, it’s Beyonce and we are all supposed to collectively pretend she doesn’t exist, because she’s the fucking worst…sent from hell to fool the world into buying into her bullshit…and now has a horrible ego because it worked….

Here’s the pic…that is hardly a topless pic but rather just another one of Beyonce’s lies.

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  • Travis

    She needs to lose 30 lbs & she’ll be perfect.

  • tb

    Haha @ Travis. More like 50 lbs.