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Jenna Jameson’s Going to Die of the Day

Jenna Jameson is addicted to prescription pills. She’s been kicked out of her house and her kids have been taken away from her. She’s a mess.

I saw her last week in Jersey and she looked liked she was about to die…I met one of her exes this week and he didn’t have very nice things to say about her….apparently she’s always been a horrible unstable junkie and here I was thinking porn bred top quality girls you want to bring him to mom.

She is on tour promoting a romance series that she is involved in called Sugar and her handlers, who I am sure aren’t all that involved in taking care of her, allowed her to go on TV where she made a total fool of herself because she is full of pills and seemingly totally out of her fucking mind….which I guess a nice stop to make before officially killing yourself off.

I mean this has been going on for years. I was at the AVN awards her last year in the business and she made a speech similar to this, this is going back 8 years, she’s just a wreck that I am sure is going to end soon, because when it gets to this point of trying to mask all those sad feelings with medication instead of random penis…it’s usually too far gone to come back from…

That’s not to say she’s like this everyday all day, but she was this way on TV today and that’s probably the day she should have saved the pills until the end of the day….

The whole thing is sad.

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  • lawn

    That was really excruciating.