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Amber Heard for Harper’s Bazaar Russia of the Day

My favorite thing about Amber Heard is that she destroyed the Johnny Depp household, leaving kids fatherless while he’s run off to gallivant around the world to fuck this bi-sexual bitch while leaving them at home in France to tend to the farm they live on…listening to their cheese and wine eating mother complaining about her day in and day out because she is the other woman and girls fucking hate the other woman….but I like her, especially in Russian magazines, even if these pictures are old and Russia is 10 steps behind America, as they were in the 80s, at least when it came to fast food and Levis jeans, because she’s posing all hot, but more importantly because she gives hope to married men that one day we’ll have the temptation from a young harlot that will inspire us to leave our miserable existence/wife for the erratic young girl who will chew us up and spit us out in a matter of weeks or month, turning our entire life upside down, leaving us alone, broken and a shell of who we once were…those girls are the best kind…they keep us on our feet.

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  • cowbulls

    If I’m going to give a bitch a house I’m sure as hell going to get a lot better tail for my trouble.