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Kim Kardashian is So Subtle of the Day

So it begins…the subtle fame whore who is really not subtle…making subtle gestures that are really not subtle…involving her straight flexing the ring that corporate sponsors for her show bought to give it a storyline for this season, the one we hope ends in a plane crash on a family vacation that you know would never happen because they are such horrible egos, they fly separate so that they can’t rid the world of their evil….

It’s all strategic, we all know, but seeing her play it off with some Starbucks Drake hands so badly is funny to me, even if I find her the fucking worst…

Started as a pornstar now she’s here…


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  • roxanne

    i hate them as much as you do, except you prolly have to look at more pics of them than i do.

    i started thinking about them as simply models for consumer products and services. every photograph generates sales. i’d guess everything they own that can be seen in public was free to them.

    this doesn’t excuse them; it just labels them.

  • LolleyGagger

    She’s still a porn girl but I wouldn’t call her a porn “star” she couldn’t even do that right.
    Now she’s just whoring herself out to the masses instead of one guy.

  • Robocop

    Where’s the damn baby? Thought she loved being a mommy — instead she’s sticking those fake tits in our faces every other day!! Go away you POS!!