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Addison Timlin for Esquire of the Day

Addison Timlin got cast to be the tits in Californication that I am sure I have posted in my Addison Timlin Archive that I wasn’t aware I had…because I though I had never heard about her before…but the truth is I just didn’t remember…because her career is about as relevant of being tits on Californication a few times…a gig you know she got thinking this was her big break…since everyone watches that show..but that happened 2 years and a half years ago and has really not got her any other jobs…except maybe this shoot for Esquire…because maybe she’s up to something, maybe her Publicist pulled favors to keep Addison happy…or maybe…because any girl willing to get naked on TV for her career that hadn’t even started was the perfect level of hollywood desperate..who moved there to get famous..and would do anything to get famous…as to not crawl back home with her tail between her legs…rather than showing her tits once she was established…because she’s just not that talented…even if showing her tits to get ahead is talent to me…

Here she is for Esquire…who cares.

To see pics of her tits from Californication CLICK HERE

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  • mick

    Don’t really care what is said about her, but a beautiful set of breasts win every time.