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Sarah Stephens in Some Underwear Campaign of the Day

Sarah Stephens is an Australian 18 year old model who walked for Victoria’s Secret when she was 18, now at 22 she’s washed up and doing bootleg Victoria’s Secret campaigns because they help pay for the cocaine I assume all these model chicks are on…not because they are skinny, as I know a lot of fat coke heads, but because what the fuck else do you do when you work one day a month, make 5k and have all the time in the world to hunt down rockstars for the retirement plan…not that girls who look like this ever pay for their own coke- but you get what I am saying and that is that I want to get a record deal so that I can trick this glorious thing into my bed…I just need to learn how to sing first…even if Katy Perry never did..

I mean shit..these are amazing lingerie pics…she’s amazing..even if she’s a vapid egotistical cunt like the rest of them, it’s not her fault, she’s just being a girl.

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  • what what

    Where the fuck did you learn to write? Go read a wikipedia page about punctuation. Not to mention your a huge fucking asshole. I’m sure your family is so proud.