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Miranda Kerr and Justin Beiber’s Date Night of the Day

I was told by people at Victoria’s Secret who worked with Miranda Kerr that she was fired for fucking Bieber…

I was told that she maintained her fake relationship with Orlando Bloom for a year because there was a cash settlement as part of the day.

The reason was because they marketed her as the “mom” model everyone could relate to, and mom models aren’t supposed to fuck Biebers…

Since then, she’s been doing nothing interesting, other than not getting work and going through her divorce…

But it’s nice to see that her and Bieber’s love didn’t die and that despite his fucking hookers in Brazil, they can still go out in public and be seen together as the weirdest of couples around…no matter how big his Bieber dick is…shit is still creepy as fuck…

Here’s their first public pic together since last year’s show when Miranda Kerr was at the top of the world…a place she has fallen pretty aggressively from.

Yes…this is my kind of journalism.

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  • cowbulls

    I prefer to think how tight she must be considering the pencil dicks she has been letting into her pants.

  • Phillip McCracken

    See and I thought she was a lesbian cause I thought she was on the downlow with Miley cyrus

  • xyz


  • ash

    ahahah. i read at TFS and Vogue Australia forum that she is hard to work with. a diva and unprofessional. those were the reasons why she got fired by two of her biggest clients. she’s trying to beg a bigger prize now that shes divorced. makes for a fun gossip. lets watch her fall