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Miranda Kerr is Reaching…in a Skimpy Clothes of the Day

Miranda Kerr was fired from Victoria’s Secret for being a whore wife in a fake relationship with a gay guy who didn’t want people knowing he was gay because it is bad for the teen heartthrob marketing pitch….you know the kind of whore wife who fucks the neighbour’s kid and gets caught for it..only to have to story swept under the rug because a billion dollar brand with all kinds of power didn’t want that getting out…leaving Miranda Kerr scared, alone and even her boyfriend Bieber gave up on her and went the route of whores…

So she did the only thing she could..and that’s rock a bikini or bra skimpier than any of the shit she ever wore for Victoria’s Secret…that will show them…even though we can just google you to see you nude you fucking model retard.

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