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Tila Tequila Illuminati Conspiracy Theorist Words of Wisdom of the Day

I know that when it comes to Illuminati, New World Order, Satanist, etc conspiracies…I generally like to turn to Tila Tequila, who despite being a fake titty implant whore from the internet who really has nothing to offer the world, she did get rich and her own show, so she must know a little something about fooling motherfuckers…and even if she’s fallen off because that’s what the Illuminati does to the people they allow on TV, and can’t spell through her meds they have her on…she’s making an effort to get the truth, at least the truth according to her out there…

I also know when it comes to the TRUTH, you won’t find it on the media. I get all kinds of celebrity gossip stories from insiders that never get published ever…because the media is a fucking joke…

So she’s claiming that she’s got scoop on Paul Walkers death and maybe she does, but if she does, she’ll be played out being a crazy person and a “suicide” will happen, because that’s the life she chose..

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  • beavis

    I like her website “anonymous truth blog” a lot. Typically kooks are fat dudes, so it is something fresh and different.

  • ???????

    Lol wtf