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Rosalind Lipsett’s Sexy Irish Christmas Dance of the Day

Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit like a babe dancing in her underwear to Christmas music!! This is what Christmas is all about.

I have been following Rosalind Lipsett for a little while, because she’s an amazing hidden gem from Ireland that the people of Victoria’s Secret haven’t abducted and put into their half naked girl work camps they run with their international women they make date Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam Levine…at least not yet…

She did this sexy Christmas dance to a classic Irish Christmas song, because in case you didn’t know, the Irish invented Christmas, or at least drinking Whiskey on Christmas to deal with your family…She’s better than any potato diet, four leaf clover, leprechaun or drunk St Patrick’s Day parade…she’s better than Boston…and pretty much anything else Ireland has given us, like a European tax shelter for evil corporations, and Guinness….which may not be saying much…but it’s meant to say she’s fucking perfect…because she is and I’m gonna keep on following her…just after I stop staring at this video…

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  • Dudelove

    Absolutely fuckin’ amazing!