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Jennifer Lawrence vs Butt Plugs of the Day

I know that people are probably posting this Jennifer Lawrence story and giggling amongst themselves in their offices because people have very little going on and butt plugs is such a funny word…and such a naughty toy to prude bitches who don’t like anal play because they’ve never had anal because like the guys and Duck Dynasty, why stick it in the shitter when there is a dripping pussy next store, because I guess we’ve lost our Christianity and use contraceptives and anal isn’t the only full proof option for no babies

I know I would much rather watch Jennifer Lawrence with her butt plugs, that I am sure she didn’t use, because otherwise she wouldn’t be telling this story on Conan, even if she was an anal fiend, unless this is just her way of making fun of the fact that she got busted with anal plugs you know diffusing the story because no one likes admitting they use anal plugs, they but that shit anonymous online…because with every gag gift you give someone in the form of a sex toy…it will always get used at least just once because it is there…

So my assumption is, Jennifer Lawrence is into ass play, has used butt plugs, is joking about it, because let’s face it it’s not a big deal, and now her maid and anyone who finds her dead after a drug overdose knows it was just jokes.

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