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Mariah Carey Winter Bikini Dog Walking of the Day

At least one person is excited or shocked that Mariah Carey posted this picture of her in a bikini in the snow walking her dog, because it’s so scandalous, obscure, outrageous, attention seeking, inappropriate especially terms of celebrating the birth of Christ…to some even weird…and awkward…

While I just think it’s shocking cuz of what her old, fat, mom body looks like…it’s like stick to singing and push up bras in low cut dresses girl…just because you’re man is still horny for you cuz he used to jerk off to you in high school…and motherfucker fucks you everyday – doesn’t mean the rest of us want in on this shit…keep your intimate moments at the ski lodge to your fucking self….

That said, I am from Canada, and I understand the concept of winter hot tubbing, it happens all the time, it’s probably even happening somewhere snowed in now…it’s no big deal…but when Mariah Carey does it…it’s definitely…big…

I rarely say this, but girl put your snow suit on, you’re gonna catch cold…no seriously…put your snow suit on..it’s gross.


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  • Travis

    It’s definitely not 1993 anymore…

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    She has some massive udders. I wonder exactly how big her nipples are?