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Bar Refaeli’s Instagram Bikini Top of the Day

Bar Refaeli may not really matter anymore at least not to anyone who isn’t a single Jewish dude looking online for girls who he can make into his wife…only to find that 80 percent of Jewish girls look like trolls, while the other 10 percent are top grade pussy that either have dudes, or careers in being top grade pussy, giving him hope that he won’t end up with a troll but rather with a Bar Refaeli…it’s really every Jewish guy’s dream…because it will make the whole family and Rabbi happy….not to mention..they are raised generation after generation to only take Jewish girls seriously because otherwise they won’t have Jewish kids…so Bar may not matter to the general public but is still a beacon of hope so for all the Jewish guys out there with ugly girls…here’s a bikini selfie of one of your own…reminding you that there are options….

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  • kate

    80% + 10% =90%…..so the remaining 10%?

  • jessica

    You are a racist fuck

  • xyz

    @Jessica – u dont even know what “racist” means but u use it coz its trendy, idiot…. Do ur history homework first….