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Kim Kardashian Makes Her Ass Small of the Day

Smoke and mirrors – Pornstar turned “Reality” Star “It” Girl – Kim Kardashian, the master of the lie…has decided to share her secret to New Years Resolution of fighting whatever baby weight her plastic surgeon left behind – by posing with a chick who has a fatter ass, probably Brazilian Butt Lifted (that’s where they inject you ass with fat from other parts of your body, a procedure, girls, including Kim Kardashian get to have a fat ass, because for some reason, thanks to hip hop, fat asses are all the fucking rage)…

It’s the good old proportionately, next to this fat ass, my ass looks tight, hustle so many girls do on the regular…and who really cares…this is Kim Kardashian we are talking about…the absolute epitome of evil the world has to offer…

I just hope she’ll disappear because let’s face it, it’s time…even if it’d be hard for her to disappear since she’s so fucking fat.

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  • Powerman211

    Those asses are absolutely perfect! To bad one is attached to a total waste of perfect flesh. And the other is a dirty stripper fucking for money…oh wait that describes both of them.

  • Rosarch

    She is that D List now that she has to hang out with a Z List, brokedown stripper?

  • Photoshopped

    These pics are totally photoshopped. Look at the door frame, how curved it is and look at the floor tiles that are “bend”.

    She has a great body, so why edit the photos…

  • abi melancon

    Still don’t know why people look up to her

  • they better stop getting those booty shots she know she dont have no big but like black women @first they didn’t want no big but but now all of a sudden they all want one now only thing want a bone is a dog I thought a man want something to hold on to hips and whips

  • every time u turn around she taking pictures of her FAKE BOOTY LOL !!!!!!


  • lokita323

    Why is Kim clowning the fuck outta that girl like that? The only reason she took a picture with her like that is cuz she knows that girls ass looks like she smuggled in 2 bags of dirty laundry filled with krusty g-strings she collected off the floor at the strip club and well look at kim. Hate her all you want (like me) but you would be a damn lie if you called her ugly or said that her body wasn’t nice. Most jealous insecure people will say just that but most bitches would kill for her body and plenty are going to for trying to have it. Ask her who did her ass shot implants or whatever she had done China your pretty enough but you look fucking ridiculous and in no way sexy. Though im sure most men would still fuck given the chance. Oh and its not photo shop the door is fine she just look like a fucked up cartoon nightmare in real life the picture is fine.