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Lena Dunham Nude Scene in GIRLS of the Day

Lena Dunham is a scary monster who gets naked on TV, for some crazy reason that defies all I’ve ever known about celebrity…or girls who should be allowed to get naked on TV…in what I call the Macklemore of programming…it’s like talk to the people at a level they can relate to emotionally…you know show them people as gross, or grosser than they look naked…because let’s just take the fantasy and glamour out of hollywood and TV, and feed it junk food, before shitting it out…

I mean, I’ve fucked some gross girls in my life, I’ve even jerked off to gross girls in my life, because I found it comedic, I guess this Lena Dunham is growing on me, just not as much as she’s growing in body wight..

She is the worst possible thing to see naked, yet she wants to be naked, and the idea she has boy problems, or even dudes who fuck her in Daylight, is just the fantasy of the whole thing I guess…that’s the wishful thinking for the fat chicks everywhere…not quite the fantasy I can get down to…but fat chick with shit tits in her underwear making money has to be something I Support even if it’s wrong…I mean I’ve been supporting fat hookers, strippers and desperate girls whether with money or some male attention for years…to turn my back on this monster, would be anti what I stand for in my low standard life…but in my defence I know she’s a fucking monster…I mean just look at her…what the fuck is that thing and why isn’t she in a snow suit…

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  • Rob

    Agree – Every time I watch that show and see that there is going to be nudity on it, I just hope its one of Lena’s g/f’s. Almost every time it is of Lena and she’s got one of the worst bodies of any actress anywhere. Can’t figure it out! Show us Shoshanna, Marnie or Jessa – cute girls with great figures!

  • beavis

    That’s how she takes revenge on the world, she is angry about being born in that body.