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Tallulah Willis and Rumer Willis Topless Tanning in Mexico of the Day

I have friends who are good friends with Tallulah Willis and I spent years making fun of Rumer Willis…for no real reason other than her the structure of her head..that isn’t really that bad, because I guess it was a way to laugh at Demi, who I hated for no real reason other than Ashton Kutcher, who I hated because he’s annoying as fuck and anyone of any age…who fucks with him on that level is just the fucking worst…

When really I should have focused my energy on flirting with Rumer, making her fall in love with me, so I could be on these topless beach adventures…

I figure making fun of people who deserve it makes sense, but actual girls who are cool enough to not bother with bikini tops, those are the ones you want as friends….

So to the Willis sisters and their vacation 2 weeks ago…thanks for the fucking invite, Jerks. I guess they don’t realize my new fetish is celebrity kids…because they are raised by insane egotistical people, have lots of money, and like to have fun.

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  • E

    Holy fuck Demi Moore created some of the ugliest fucking offspring I’ve ever seen.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I would nosh on either of their nipples for days. Who cares how ugly the face is? Them some primo nip.

  • bigdick

    Which one is which?