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Jackie Chamoun is the Nude Lebanese Skier of the Day

The olympics are more interesting when you can cross reference the athletes with their tit pics…

Her name is Jackie Chamoun. I don’t know if she’s in the olympics but she skis for Lebanon… I do know I’ve seen her tits…all big and lebanese and I dig any girl willing to have fun and to topless shoots because topless is better than clothed…pretty basic fucking logic…

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  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    Wait. Lebanon? Don’t women get beheaded and burned for taking their clothes off there?

  • patronsaints

    Beheaded and burned? Lebanon is very socially liberal, extremely diverse, and has one of the most educated populations in the region. Try reading a fucking Wikipedia before posting, you racist dumbass.

  • patronsaints

    *Wikipedia article

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    Sorry, I missed the subsection of Lebanon’s Wikipedia page where they specifically discuss the ramifications of public nudity. Besides, which country’s Wikipedia page does not make it sound like the best place on earth? If I may read from Afghanistan’s Wiki entry:

    “You shall come to the blessed country of Afghanistan and bask in its many culturally diverse rock formations and millions of acres of infertile dirt. We have taken many steps to ‘westernize’ our culture. For example, women now can choose between styles of burqas ranging from black and suffocatingly hot to less black and suffocatingly warm. We now welcome western tourists and wish to make them at home in our blessed country. However, we must remind them not make eye contact with the roving gangs of government-sanctioned, Quran-enforcing thugs wandering the streets and praying to Allah for any chance to separate your head from your shoulders if you even look in the general direction of anything producing estrogen. Yes, Afghanistan has come a long way in the past decade and we wish you to come here and enjoy our hospitality. But hands off our goats, all you swinging Americans!”