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Iggy Azalea Fat Ass does Interracial in GQ of the Day

Iggy Azalea works it…I even think her only real song that was a hit was called work it…that was based on working it…making me believe she’s an expert of working it…proven in the fact that she’s taken her big round ass from Australia with some fake “I was a broke stripper who came to America and got a record deal” story…because people don’t just get record deals when they Move to LA from Australia…even if they have big round asses they don’t mind showing off…especially not when they are strippers…because record execs don’t like controversy….making me think she was some fabricated character created in a marketing department…and I guess they are doing a good job…because with an ass like that, she should be in hip hop, she should pose with black dudes, and she should make other black dudes jealous that they aren’t with her, but that there’s hope that she would go down that road…it’s all very strategic and really her ass is pretty awesome so I’m not hating her bullshit…she’s ok, even if she blocked me years ago before she even had a record deal…closing the door on our love.

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