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Taylor Momsen Promo Shots of the Day

You already saw TAYLOR MOMSEN in her body painted weirdo cross because she’s so fucking rock and roll and by rock and roll I mean some candy-coated hollywood pop tart who was raised with money and some level of stardom who everyone lost interest in when she turned 18 because everyone is a pervert and prefer when underage girls are posing topless, or in panties than after the fact….

She’s as legitimate as a smile on an employee who isn’t a pedophile at Disney Land…as hard as the water in her infinity pool…

She’s trying to find herself, have some edge, and everything we see is bullshit with executives backing her…and I am all about the arrow pointed at her cunt…it’s a road sign for my mouth that is easy to follow…

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  • lawn

    If this makes even one Christian idiot’s aorta explode, I’m in favor.

  • Poots

    Love the arrow at the bottom that says, “Dick goes in here”