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Hayden Panettiere in Brides Magazine of the Day

I love that Bride Magazine did this profile on Hayden Panettiere who is either engaged or married…because I know that her fan base is mainly weirdos who watched her on Heroes, or whatever it was called, where they’ve been loyal followers of hers ever since…because that’s how sci/fi people work…but more importantly, they never turn their back on a hobbit looking bitch…because there’s so many sexual fantasies they can have with her…until today..when she is posing in Wedding dresses…for a Wedding Magazine…to remind you she’s getting married…only for you to get so angry, like when you found out Mila Kunis was engaged, because without her marriage there was still hope for your unemployed, living in your mom’s basement, virgin loser ass…

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  • LolleyGagger

    So will someone get fired for the tat not being photo-shopped out or is Brides a Trailer Trash mag that caters to child brides.


    Are you really this big of a lowlife that you have to make a blog just to bash a actress? You are literally the lowest piece of shit on this Earth. Your making fun of someone who makes more money than you do in your whole life and you’ll sit behind your computer acting like your such a hard ass. Oh and on the tattoo commit 63% of Americans have a tattoo dumb shit.