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Iggy Azalea’s Stupid New Rap Video of the Day

Iggy Azalea is a bit of a man…I don’t care how many black dudes fuck her, or how many ass implants her fake stripper ass gets…I don’t care about how commercial and shitty her “hip pop” is…If anything I find it annoying no matter how popular she is. I don’t care how fake her storyline or her rap accent is..I get that people are throwing money at her because she’s popular on Youtube…I don’t care that they recreated clueless…

I just care that this clown isn’t shaking her fake ass, to her fake music, with her fake storyline,scamming the fucking world…which in case you didn’t know is all that matters about her..

SHe’s the white snow flake hip hop Lady Gaga…weak, but at least she’s making money, because that’s all that matters.

If you care, I’ve posted a bunch of her pics over the course of her lie of a career HERE

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