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Life’s Biggest Tragedy of the Day

I think it is one of life’s great tragedies that Courtney Stodden has under 6,000 instagram followers…whether she only started her instagram 2 weeks ago or not, it is safe to say her and her cartoon tits represent all that is good in America. You know that you can go from being a stripper who couldn’t afford a decent tit job pushing 30, to a 16 year old bride to some random client you had, who happened to be on TV, and who happened to be willing to carry you to the tabloid top….that int end resulted in the tits you ever wanted

To me, she’s the queen in our monarch-free nation. Put her on our money. Make a statue in her honour…or a sex doll..which I guess already exists…and looks identical to this..this selfie making machine who needs a sex tape…

I am in love, I’ve already reached out to her people to make a documentary on our first date. It will happen and it will be magical…

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  • Mark

    weird looking bitch

  • Sisi

    Don’t you know that you are the light of our eyes?