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Terry Richardson Speaks Out of the Day

I have been following the Terry Gives Groupie a Facial, Groupie Doesn’t Become Model, Groupie Gets Mad and Decides She’s a Victim 4 Years Later, Because She Regrets Gettting a Facial and it’s The Only Way To Get Her Name Out There story and in doing that I’ve been calling out the Terry Groupie who is accusing Terry of abusing her.

The fact is simple. She wants attention drawn to herself, whether he came on her face or not.

The other fact is that 4 years down the road, the memories we have shift and change and become stories of their own that aren’t quite as relevant as the day after they happened. It’s easy to say I was paralyzed by the abuse, when she was probably really at a party the next day getting drunk and fucking the bartender…you know, it’s so easy to feel abused when having Terry cum on your face is the only thing you’ve accomplished and need to leverage in 4 years….

Everyone knows Terry shoots sex, that’s his whole career foundation. When he started doing mainstream campaigns in 2005, I didn’t understand how people would touch him, because all his published shit was hardcore “artistic” porn…

This girl knew the fucking deal, tt was 4 years ago, and now that she’s decided that being a party slut who was impressed to be in Terry’s studio is bad for her lesbian, feminist, career, past…or maybe boyfriend…and it’s time to accuse a motherfucker because everyone’s doing it.. just because she figures it will get her name out there…

That said, Terry, who never speaks on this shit, even though he should, because not speaking on it will make people think he did it, or that he is guilty, based on his archive of work…and I am posting it…because I appreciate what he said and how he said it…


Four years ago, I chose to primarily ignore a cycle of Internet gossip and false accusations against me. At that time, I felt that to dignify them with a response was a betrayal of my work and my character. When these allegations resurfaced over the past few months, they seemed especially vicious and distorted, moving outside the realm of critical dialogue and becoming nothing more than an emotionally-charged witch hunt. Enabled and protected by the freewheeling and often times anonymous nature of the Internet, people have become comfortable concocting hate-filled and libelous tales about my professional and personal lives. In writing this, I make a humble attempt at correcting these rumors, because I have come to realize that absent my voice in the conversation, all that remain are the lies.

When I moved to New York in 1990 to take pictures, a lot of my work was a documentation of my life in the East Village; it was gritty, transgressive, and the aesthetic broke with the well-lit, polished fashion images of the time. My first big campaign, shot in 1994, was a provocative picture of a couple embracing in a bar. It was a shocking image for its time and the first instance a photograph of this nature was used in a major fashion advertisement.

Like Robert Mapplethorpe, Helmut Newton, and so many others before me, sexual imagery has always been a part of my photography. Ten years ago, in 2004, I presented some of this work at a gallery show in New York City, accompanied by a book of the photos. The show was very popular and highly praised. The images depicted sexual situations and explored the beauty, rawness, and humor that sexuality entails. I collaborated with consenting adult women who were fully aware of the nature of the work, and as is typical with any project, everyone signed releases. I have never used an offer of work or a threat of rebuke to coerce someone into something that they did not want to do. I give everyone that I work with enough respect to view them as having ownership of their free will and making their decisions accordingly, and as such, it has been difficult to see myself as a target of revisionist history. Sadly, in the on-going quest for controversy-generated page views, sloppy journalism fueled by sensationalized, malicious, and manipulative recountings of this work has given rise to angry Internet crusades. Well-intentioned or not, they are based on lies. Believing such rumors at face value does a disservice not only to the spirit of artistic endeavor, but most importantly, to the real victims of exploitation and abuse.

People will always have strong opinions about challenging images, and the dichotomy of sex is that it is both the most natural and universal of human behaviors and also one of the most sensitive and divisive. Over the course of my career, I have come to accept that some of my more provocative work courts controversy, and as an artist, I value the discourse that arises from this. I can only hope for this discourse to be informed by fact, so that whether you love my work or hate it, you give it, and me, the benefit of the truth.

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  • Bubba

    For Mr. Richardson to implicitly compare himself to Robert Mapplethorpe and Helmut Newton is not only arrogant, but absurd.

  • Chelios

    Big surprise, one bag of dicks likes and admires another bag of dicks. Seriously “Martinez” why don’t you get off of Creepy Uncle Terry’s dick. The guys a predator. It’s well documented.

    You’re a joke and so is Terry. He hides behind “art” and you hide behind your luchador mask. All your posts are exactly the same. “Women are sluts blah blah blah.” “I hate my fat wife, she’s a slut…slut slut slut.” Get off it already you dick bag. Your misogyny shtick is played out.

  • Rosarch

    This disgusting pedo, rapist predator should be in prison with Woody Allen sharing a cell with him. Only a matter of time until some prosecutor grows some fucking balls and goes after him. Piece of shit does not even have any talent, just takes photos against a fucking white wall.

  • Ha. You’re both idiots. He didn’t even fuck the girl. Just cuz some chick regrets being cummed on and is turning the story around to be a victim because it is convenient is pathetic. I’ve never cummed on a girl who didn’t beg for it at the time, but the next day, a lot regretted it.

  • define a bag of dicks..

  • I also never said he didn’t jerk off on her face, or that she is lying, I just say that the girl is now saying she was a victim, 4 years later, when i know groupies and groupie mentality, and I know aspiring models, who seek these people like Terry out and do anything to make him happy- until it is said and done and no one cares, and their dreams for grandeur don’t materialize….Terry has always shot porn, if you shoot with him willing to do porn, why wouldn’t he shoot porn with you?….Every model I know who has shot with him, have said nothing but good things. He’s professional and that’s why he can charge 50k a day. I love you experts who don’t even know the guy, calling him guilty of a crime, he’s never even been charged for. Believing some hooker’s reddit post? I mean come on people. Use your retard minds a little. If he drugged her, raped her, whatever…that’d be bad. He jerked off on a willing girl’s face. A girl who was just using him to get ahead. Who cares.

  • Rosarch

    Ha ha, someone is butthurt, maybe if you suck this pedo’s dick enough he will let you jerk him off onto your face and let Jared Leto fuck you in the ass. If anyone is paying this fucking no talent hack $50K a day it is because he is blackmailing them or their agents or higher up execs. I mean it is all the same shit photos against a white wall, same shit all the time. Now look at David LaChappelle or Annie Leibovitz, they actually have talent and put effort into their work.

    Look at those fucking garbage photos you have posted above, how the fuck is that shit $50K a day caliber?

    I mean you look at this faggot’s work and it almost looks like he is laughing in the face of the people he is blackmailing by saying I have enough dirt on you, I will post the same shit photos of your clients every time and I will still make you pay me all this money and there is nothing you can do about it.

  • Lime

    How would you all know what is true? Have you been with those girls during photo shoots? Or are you just believing one side because you chose so?

  • beavis

    Jezebel should just send some broad in there undercover to say no to him and see what happens.

    Kate Upton was in there and I bet my house she didn’t even let him get to first base.

  • Chan

    From her own account of events, it sounded like she was a willing participant, not once resisting but just went along with it. She is seeking money and media attention now, how lame. She’s an asshole. Other girls are violated/raped/molested against their will, she was 19 years old and could have walked out of there at any time.

  • Matrim

    Currently dating a fetish model who has told me about stuff she’s heard from other models about TR, and apparently he’s a major creep in a lot of ways and for every model who will work with him there are a dozen who will not because of the inappropriate stuff he does. While this particular case may have been a case of remorse on the part of the model (I don’t know one way or the other), there are a lot if other models (including fetish and porn models) who want nothing to do with him

  • Huck

    Yea TR is a creep – likely this girl wont get justice…but he should be charged for that picture of him raping a sheep…I’ll try and find it, it’s out there and I’m pretty sure bestiality is a crime..this guy is the definition of a piece of shit.

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    Hey, I can click a shudder on a camera pointing at a muff. Where are all my chicks?

  • cowbulls

    I call BS on this whole model getting a facial crap. The “rules” for the entry level TV, Movie and modeling industries are very clear. The prospective entry level talent is expected to sexually submit to anything the people in power want to do to them including servicing two or more at a time. I’m not saying it is right but EVERYONE knows the rules and nobody has to “apply” for the job. To act surprised or have remorse afterwards is baloney. If you don’t want to be a sex toy, get another job.

  • He’s so sexy, love his mustache, his muscles, his big cock :B