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The 50 Worst Spring Break Pics I could Find of the Day

There’s a lot of hype about Spring Break right now, at least amongst the college girls I creep on, and I decided to see if Spring Break now was any better than Spring Break was in the late 90s, when Spring Break was out of control, and kids would train for the shit all year, all to get herpes, date raped, gang banged by dudes from other states in a tropical setting…you know the kind of event that would make Tara Reid drop out of acting and go on a perpetual Spring Break that never ends….but it turns out that since kids party every weekend to EDM on Molly, half naked when they are posting half naked selfies, has made the whole Spring Break thing suck, at least according to the #SB2014 hashtag…because these is the best I could find on Instagram…and it’s not very good…I guess Spring Break insanity, along with land lines, are a thing of the past.

There’s no puke, herpes, tits, smut…it’s so fucking tame for a generation of exhibitionists…depressing.

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