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Kim and Kanye on the Cover of Vogue of the Day

I don’t really understand why people are going nuts over the cover of Vogue Magazine.

I mean does the cover of Vogue really matter? Do magazines really even matter? It’s not the fucking 80s, we have the internet. Not to mention Vogue already featured Kate Upton, a pig on the cover last year, and she’s in this issue (scroll down) so they kinda lost exclusivity…while struggling to stay relevant..

Here’s Kate Upton talking about being fat and bloated…for some Campaign….

The fashion magazine demised into the dark horrible world of tabloids like this is a positive thing, because it reminds the world that magazines are just vehicles for ads and are better off being used as the toilet paper this dude trying on jeans and Sears didn’t use because his white trash ass was too busy buying to new Vogue, since it’s designed for trailer trash, at least based on this cover…

I think my favorite dis was this Honey Boo Boo edit…

Ok – now here’s Kate Upton…who’s name is on the cover:

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  • Travis

    That Mama June Vogue cover is a keeper.
    Funny shit.
    & those Kate UpTON pics are excellent examples of smoke & mirrors…

  • juanhunglow

    what is that exploited kids name again? oh yeah nig worst.