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Emma Roberts Bikini on Instagram of the Day

Emma Roberts, daughter of Eric Roberts, just posted this bikini picture to the internet, because I guess she’s tanning…and the whole thing would be more eventful if she took this pic a little more like the smoke and mirror babes of instagram, you know to make it look like she is in an opening scene to a porno and less like a sloppy bitch on her day off because she doesn’t work everyday since she’s a celebrity and a rich kid..sitting by the pool with nothing better to do…but I still dig it…because I’m easy…and because I think Emma Roberts is lovely.

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  • Put your clothes back on!

    If you don’t have boobs at least show some ass.

  • George

    Emma Roberts works. She is on the TV show American Horror Story. She has played in 25 films since 2001. She has 3 up coming films alone in 2014. I suggest you do your research before you make comments about her.