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Gisele Ripped for H&M of the Day

There’s been some constant debates that Gisele is actually a dude and that is why she got Fired from Victoria’s Secret, staged a couple pregnancies, and hid Tom Brady’s homosexuality, because no one likes gays in pro sports, at least not in the era when Tom Brady and Gisele got married, it makes the anal sex in the shower after the game for team initiation actually gay and not fun, playful and part of team building, passed down by child rapist coaches for generation…but I am believer that she’s just got a man face, and some higher than average testosterone, because that’s how a mom gets a fit, ripped body…I mean..that and photoshop..

Apparently, these pics are a big deal, a preview of a swimwear campaign from H&M to come…despite swimwear campaigns being played the fuck out now that girls at home are taking these pics of themselves and looking almost as good, on instagram…I’ll post it anyway…

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  • cowbulls

    I think she?? looks like a teenage boy.