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Kim Kardashian’s Ass in a Bikini of the Day

I hate endorsing Kim Kardashian, but the reality is she’s so big and famous, and that’s just her ass, that anything I say about her really has no impact on her success or not…I just feel like her show, even if it was a great marketing play for the family, gives young girls horrible, useless idols to look up to and aspire to be, perpetuating the world of dumb that Paris Hilton started before her, even thought these girls work, hustle, and know exactly what they are doing with every fucking move they make, yes, I just called the Kardashians smart, I mean they’d have to be to become such a huge empire….So many girls before her and after her have done sex tapes that have done nothing…so it’s all about how these people spun it, but don’t tell aspiring young porn addicted girls that doing a sex tape won’t get them famous like a Kardashian, that life lesson is the best thing Kim K has done for the perverts of the world…besides getting into a bikini to show off her ridiculous ass…I mean…really ridiculous ass…because this mystery of modern science we call a butt implant…is magical when positioned like this…even knowing all the shit that has gone in and out of it over the years..I’m all about it…as much as I hate to admit that….


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  • Robb7

    So, having a big ass is almost as important as knowing how to market it. Viva America!!

  • DKNY

    She and her ass are sofa king gross.

  • cowbulls

    Yes she is gross BUT she does have a couple of things in her favor.
    1. She, Jennifer Aniston and Anne Hathaway brought anal to being fairly mainstream. My Johnson is grateful.
    2. Kim use to have an incredible body and a lot of men got one hell of a ride.