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Hipster Beyonce of the Day

Beyonce must be going through some sort of midlife crisis that involves trying to stay relevant despite being an old mom, because these rich and famous people can never get enough fame and fortune, and they hate the idea of fading off into obscurity, even if they have enough money to last 10 lifetimes over…

So instead of just releasing music they want to release, and touring when they want to tour, allowing them time to raise their kids, and be with their husbands, and have the downtime she deserves after working 10-15 years..it’s like retire bitch…but her ego doesn’t let her, so she starved herself, and dresses like a kid, and is more famous now than she’s ever been and the whole thing would be a lot more fun to watch if her hipster look involved more nudity, not because I want to see her nude, but because I want to see everyone nude…

Hipsters are mainstream try hards so it makes sense.

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  • AnON

    Ugly, fake, annoying and boring.

  • karma

    Yes, fake and boring. Because, every hairstyle is a wig. So that makes her a fake. And she tries wayyy too hard.