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Anastasia Ashley for Carl’s Jr of the Day

Like Nina Agdal, Emily Ratajkowski and so many other it-girls before her, Anastasia Ashley’s hot surfer ass is being celebrated by Carl’s Jr, a company that by default destroys so many potential nice asses on a daily basis with the quality of their food, but it is nice for them to be aspirational and pretend…

There’s something funny thing about Carl’s Jr taking a pro athlete surfer babe like Anastasia Ashley, and filling her out like she actually eats fast food, you know like she was a Kate Upton, when you know by looking at her ripped 4% body fat frame in all her other pictures, that she probably doesn’t even eat actual food, she’s more of a water diet, even when it is organic…but it’s nice to pretend, when pretending is glossy pics of her amazing round ass…because fit or into Carl’s Jr or not…her ass is perfect…and I would eat that burger all day…whether it was showered or not.

If all fast food workers and all fast food eating customers looked like this, in their bikinis, I would probably spend a lot more time in fast food spots getting arrested for exposing myself and trying to get everyone there pregnant…with my own dried up, infertile thanks to alcoholism, complacency and broken dreams condiment….

I guess what it comes down to is that, maybe if she didn’t eat so much Carl’s Jr, she’d have more thigh gap and would look less like she’s trying to be a mermaid with her fat legs all rubbing together like they were a fucking tail.

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