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Shanina Shaik for Free People of the Day

Shanina Shaik is some portuguese water dog model with a great ass, who I assume was a fisherman before being sold off to the evil billion dollar panty corporation…who have lent her out to other panty corporations because they probably manufacture their bullshit for them in their sweatshops all you middle american assholes who like Victoria’s Secret support when you buy their shitty overpriced smut that you think will make you look like one of their models…when really all it does is smell like a poor Indian child’s tears and sweat…

I also assume, that despite not being with Leonardo DiCaprio, who I don’t think loves the ethnic ones, is not quite a hooker yet, even if all modelling has a whole lot of prostitution to it….

Catalog Pics are always dull…but here they are anyway.

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