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Mariah Carey in Lingerie for Terry Richardson of the Day

These Mariah Carey lingerie pics by Terry Richardson for some random magazine circulated the internet hard yesterday, people were laughing at how photoshopped she was, while others were loving her huge tits and thickness, while I was busy trying to fuck a senior citizen I met at Costco for my early retirement which is surprisingly exactly what Nick Cannon was doing when he knocked this BOTOX filled piled of Glamour up…

I kind of appreciate that she doesn’t believe in aging gracefully, but rather pretending she’s still 20, but I prefer when she lost her fucking mind and was throwing feces at everyone around her…because that’s what bipolar diva bitches do…

Either way, I’m into this….even if it’s less Mariah and more digitizing….

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  • juanhunglow

    I think she is crazy enough that she is the mere suggestion away from eating her own feces. that being said the sex would be amazing.