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Anastasia Ashley Cliff Jumping of the Day

Anastasia Ashley is my girlfirned, she just doesn’t know it yet, probably because she’s too busy booking Carl’s Jr campaign and running off to Mexico posing her hot fit surfer body on the beach…to read my love letters…it happens with all the girls I like.

This is a video she posted of her jumping off a cliff, a jump I would try to catch her from if she let me be her hero everytime she falled, but apparently, she’s doing a good enough job being a hero on her own…proving, without even trying, that she is best there is, and I think it’s impossible to not get behind whatever she’s selling or whatever she’s about…because there’s nothing to laugh at or make fun of…there’s nothing negative or shitty…she’s just having a good time…and maybe that’s the lesson she’s teaching us uptight, angry, miserable fucks…just stop taking yourself so fucking seriously and have a good time…that or that surfer ass is pretty magical…

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