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Coco Fat Ass For Instagram of the Day

Here’s a little COCO keeping herself relevant on Instagram, doing all she knows how to do, you know showing her ass, to that working a normal job isn’t the answer, especially if you’re a girl….

Turn that career, or concept of success around, and find yourself a rapper or rich person you can prostitute yourself to, in a way that is not prostitution, because it is masked by “love”…and the sanctitude of marriage…giving you all the time in the world to cry for male attention like you were still working the stripclub, via ass pics…

The fact is that almost any and all marriages case can be dissected as “this is a good opportunity for me”…whether it’s with a rich person for the good life and security, or with someone who makes you laugh because he makes you laugh, or someone to make your lonely ass feel less lonely, or someone who can be a sperm donor and give you that family you’ve always wanted…there’s always a tradeoff…and on the guy’s side it’s more “she’s got a vagina, she has tits, she gives me anal, sure I’ll buy her shit and give her kids, I get to cum in her”….

So…Coco is the winner, you are the loser, and her ass is hysterical…I like it.

That concludes this rant no one cares about.

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