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Courtney Stodden Sucking Helium of the Day

Courtney Stodden has rebuilt her face so hard that she looks like a 45 year old housewife, despite being 20…or claiming to be 20…and I think despite all that clown surgery, she’s still amazing.

In fact, my biggest regret in recent years was nothing to her Halloween party I was invited to, because if I Did go, I think she’d be pregnant now…and helping bring a half Stodden into the world, would be a dream.

The reality of this is that she’s obviously smart, she gets what she’s doing, she knows how to play it, and it’s working. There are so many fake tit hookers who sleep with celebs who have never even got close to the level of attention she’s got…and people can point and laugh, thats what she’s want…while I will just sit here and masturbate, because strippers who make it in the world, are porn to me..

I am a fan, this video from her web series, is so weird it’s amazing…

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