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Adriana Lima for Vogue Turkey of the Day

Adriana Lima is in Vogue Turkey…and she’s looking alright considering she’s pushing 35, has a bunch of kids and is going through a divorce…which I find interesting only because there was a time she was said to be a virgin, because she was Catholic…which was hard to believe since 99 percent of girls who are famous fucked their way there…but then when she got knocked up and kept both of them, I figured ok, maybe she is Catholic, normal models at their prime get abortions…but now a Divorce…the pope doesn’t like those…those are the gay marriage of the 1600s or some shit…

Either way, I guess everything about her is a hypocritical hustle, she gets paid to be half naked…that’s against the church’s will…and I guess she cleans up alright, even when these pictures aren’t quite as graceful as when she slams her head:

But they still good…

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  • cowbulls

    World class piece of ass.