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Kellie Pickler Bikini Pics of the Day

I remember Kellie Pickler when he played up being a half retarded inbred hick with no tits, who was hot enough for her grandaddy to “raise” the way backwoods girls are meant to be raised…

She was from American Idol…I assume she’s gone onto wonderful high paying things, where she just continued to talk the same talk as her hick fan base, which happens to be the majority of the American population…I assume she was more the figurehead, puppet the label milked and prodded, but paid her more than the 5,000 dollars a year her possum eating grandpappy ever made…

I think her greatest work was her breast implants, and I guess unlike her music, they are worth paying attention to when in a bikini on Vacation..

I can believe I just reached into part of my mind to cover anything that has to do with Kellie Pickler..all because she’s in a bikini top…but I did…and that’s pretty impressive blogging, despite blogging never being impressive, embarrassing yes…impressive…never.


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  • Phillip McCracken

    I’d hit it. and by hit it i mean fuck her for hours.

  • Rosarch

    This chick is a Grade A retard.

  • LJ

    A fun fact about her father:

    “Clyde Pickler Jr. served more than three years in prison in Florida in connection with a 2003 stabbing incident. He was released from prison in 2006, a short time after his daughter was eliminated in that season’s “American Idol” competition.”

    So she got the boobs, just didn’t become a stripper like most girls with Daddy issues.