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Jessica Hart for Harper’s Australia of the Day

Jessica Hart is a busty, hot, Austrilian model gold digger who is dating, possibly engaged to Stavros, who likely has herpes from all the girl his Billionaire playboy dick has fucked…from Paris Hilton…to all the other hot famous girls he fucked…who don’t quite matter as much as Paris Hilton, since we all know she has herpes…her Valtrex was posted on the internet years ago…she has herpes…

I’ve interacted with Stavros at least once or twice. THe first was when I got his phone number from the same cellphone hack that gave us Paris Hilton’s Herpes prescription…and we texted back and forth for at least a month or two…He even got me into random parties – thinking I was some other friend of his who I guess had the same area code. It was jokes.

Then last year, I got invited by a friend, who probably shouldn’t have invited me, but invited me anyway, to his hotel room party…and Jessica Hart was no where around…in fact no girls were around…not even hookers…just a bunch of billionaire playboys from all over the world…dancing with each other to bad music…and the whole thing…was pretty fucking strange, but I was told when you’re a billionaire, and girls like Jessica Hart flock to you…you kind of want nothing to do with them in your downtime…but I do…i want everything to do with her, herpes and all…dripping off my face…after she sits on it.

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