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Ana Beatriz Barros for Intimissimi of the Day

Ana Beatriz Barros is a Brazilian who has done some shit for Sports Illustrated, Vicotria’s Secret and a bunch of other shit over the last few decades as a model. She started at 16.

She’s 6 foot tall, which means there were not very many options for her career-wise….ans she is okay to look at in pictures when she’s half naked, she’s good to go…even at 32 years old…

But if you were standing next to her and going up to her shoulders, you’d probably be scared of her monster stature, unless of course you have a weird fucking fetish and are into that kind of thing.

Not that you would ever be standing next to her, or really any girl for that matter…because you’re a creepy fucking loser…

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  • I was hoping more along the lines of see through lingerie