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Rachel Bilson Cleavage of the Day

Here is Rachel Bilson climbing out of some caves in Barbados with her tits out….because she wants people to stare at her tits…otherwise she’d be wearing a fucking sweater… Pregnant girls are all the same…starved for male attention, especially when held captive by her boyfriend of ten years who stifled her career for pretty much the last ten years…

They are walking out of caves, and this is probably one of the more ridiculous pictures of any celebrity, whether a pregnant or not, that the paparazzi have ever capture…

Now I find pregnant girls disgusting, but there is that window of opportunity where they are awesome, not fat year…just looking like they overate…and unable to get pregnant because they are already pregnant…and titties all swollen…

I guess, she’s not in the OC anymore….that shit got cancelled, like her birth control prescription. What a fail..on her part, but this picture is a win for all of us…even if you’re not a tit guy…it’s funny.

To See The Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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  • She is Barbados for Christ sake. Why in the hell would she gave a sweater on.

  • Steve

    God, you are such an sensationalizing douche, do you not have any common decency?

  • PtC

    Your spelling, grammar, and sentence structure are horrendous. Also, you’re not funny. Please stop “writing”.

  • dumb and dumber 2