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Mila Kunis Pregnant With Demon Child Pics of the Day

Some girls have decent pregnancy, where they stay fit, not bloated, but I guess when Mila Kunis decided to throw in the towel..

You know, run back to her childhood boyfriend, the one guy who understands her, who just happens to be a billionaire and the only costar from her past to have any real career. Whether it’s from his own TV shows, to a massive sitcom he got overpaid on, to all the dot com and app initiatives he’s thrown money at that have worked, he’d make for a good father to her kids, the kind of guy, despite not being Jewish, who could provide their child the best life…and for him, I mean he has known her forever and knows that she has her own money and that her gold digging comes from a good place because she knew him when he was nothing…

I get the whole thing, it’s just too bad her first pregnancy looks like shit, because first pregnancy can be hot, knowing a baby has yet to ravage the vagina, but once it is said and done her vagina will also look like shit, and not because of remnants of Culkin herpes, but thanks to baby making destruction,

Either way, she went out in public, and looked like a hearse, which was convenient, since she’s pretty much dead…at least in terms of sex appeal.


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  • Travis

    Damaged goods. NEXT.