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Throwback Thursday Cindy Crawford Naked in W Magazine of the DAy

It’s Thursday, and along with my hatred of people wishing me a “Happy THursday”…I also hate seeing people’s archival footage of their shitty fucking lives on social media, with a little #TBT tag…it’s like I hardly give a fuck about you today, just keep posting butt shots, I don’t need to see you being cute on a Disney vacation with your shitty, chocolate smeared face, half retarded brother…

But when Throwbacks involve tighter ass, nipples, ass, supermodels naked in bed just last year for a W Magazine Shoot they probably didn’t want to ever leak since there is nipple and she’s not retouched and looks her age…but still looks better than anything you’ve ever fucked…I totally support..

I am a hypocrite like that…here are the pics.

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  • juanhunglow

    she was not attractive 30 years ago. now she is old and ugly instead of just ugly. please stop. you have wrinkles older than my children.