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Jada Pinkett-Smith In a Bikini of the Day

Jada Pinkett-Smith wore a bikini…I guess the beard was given the week off from bearding her homosexual husband, who isn’t homosexual, because in scientology homosexuals don’t exist, that’s why all the homosexuals who sign up the shit sign up to the shit….it allows them to believe their bullshit lie…even when getting hand jobs by male masseuses as their autistic kid who is not austic according to Scientology die in the Bahamas shower…John Travolta…

There have been stories of Jada and Will having an open relationship, which is how a publicist spins “he’s gay”….

So she bangs other dudes, as he bangs other dudes…and here she is in a bikini….I mean I don’t care about Jada Pinkett even in a bikini..she’s old as fuck and a mom of a bunch…and not that interesting to look at…but I guess bikinis is what I do…and in doing that, I take the good and that bad, like yesterday in the park, I stared at whatever was half naked in front of me, and some of those half nakeds should have been in snow suits…while Jada…is like whatever.

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  • The GodFather

    She believes in Space Ghost.