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Kim Kardashian Nipple on her Facebook Page of the Day

Kim Kardashian posted what could be a skin coloured nipple on her Facebook page, but that we know isn’t a skin coloured nipple, because we’ve seen her various cries from attention, from being a porn slut, to being a topless slut in a wet t-shirt even after marriage and kids, to being whatever the fuck this cry for attention is…but still a slut…and the reality is, it worked of her…so the life lesson is that it’s ok to be a daddy issue, bottom feeding, pile of shit of a human…who does anything for hits, using her ass and tits…and black men to cater to that demo…because it fucking works…so next time someone tells you to get a degree, or to lay off the selfies and nudes, just tell them to fuck themselves, more girls make more money being hookers than working as a receptionist or marketing coordinator…it’s just a matter of priorities…or more importantly how desperate you are to get noticed…and well into her 30s, this one just keeps going…even when she should be taken out back and shot like the old cow who doesn’t have any milk left in her that she is….

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