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Lea Michele Thong Bikini of the Day

I don’t know why I feel compelled to do posts on Lea Michele in or out of a bikini. I don’t know why I like making fun of her fake relationship to her co-star who died. I mean anyone with half a fucking brain knows that she’s an ugly man-faced twat who thinks she’s hot, making a deadly combination – but not the kind of deadly that killed her “fiancé”, he needed heroin to put himself out of misery from the shame that comes with being linked to Lea Michele for ratings. It’s like motherfucker had to pretend he was into this, when he could have anything he wanted – it was contractual – like her pretending to mourn his death for a minute, until realizing she could ride it – right into a new relationship, new fiancé, and if she does it in bikini…people forget that other dude even died…

I don’t know, hollywood may be bullshit – but this ass in a brazilian cut is real..at least real enough because she’s got her back turned to us. Good girl..if you’re even a girl.

I mean…posting a gratuitous ass shot like this to instagram’s got nothing wholesome about it – this is “i like my ass, look at my ass, I am famous, we are all whores seeking attention”…something usually better executed with anal sex videos they accidentally leak…

Who cares.

TO SEE THE OFFENSIVE “She’s So In Love” Because People Talk About It CLICK HERE

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  • Larry Mohrmann

    That last pic in the grey bikini… that’s LeAnn Rimes

  • Move along, nothing to see here.

  • Fg hj

    Fuck you