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Michelle Rodriguez is Naked in the Mud of the Day

Michelle Rodriguez got drunk at an Irish wedding. Based on the Irish people I know. I would assume that anything Irish would involve being drunk. So she decided to deal with her hangover by stripping out of her lesbian pant suit I assume she wore…even though she pretends she’s over the whole lesbian thing now….to walk through the mud naked for instagram…and from the angle they shot it at…and the distance they shot it from…the whole thing turned out good enough to look at…and I’m not just saying that because Michelle Rodriguez always looks like she’s covered in mud thanks to her color, making this some kind of journey home dramatic film…I am saying it because I like naked ass on instagram!

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  • DiMi

    Racist Loser, please stop writing that people of color look like they are covered in mud due to their skin color. It’s offensive and it makes you look even stupider than usual. If you are not a member of the kKK, take that statement out of this post

  • Iliana Zelaya

    As per ush he susprises no one by his crude, racist and vulgar statements… Of the one day a year i hit this website and this….

  • dennis

    i wish she was straight and i was her type…..always thought she was nuclear hot

  • Theloh Slobus

    So it would appear from the comments that it’s intolerably racist to say that having brown skin makes one look like one is covered in mud, but it is perfectly acceptable to say that anything Irish involves being drunk. Of course I’m Irish so you can presumably disregard this comment as I must obviously be drunk.

  • Max Conrad

    I’m just the man to convince her to switch teams.