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Anastasia Ashley Bikini Snapshots in Ibiza for TheHeadHuntr of the Day

My friends over at THEHEADHUNTR met up with international surf sensationand Sports Illustrated titty model – with fans everywhere because not only does she risk her life riding massive waves that make you look like a little bitch…but she’s also got a big round ass that you can appreciate even if you aren’t black…that’s why we call her An-Ass-Tasia..Ass is her name..literally.

I like to assume she’s an anal queen because when you’re built like this…you gotta use your natural abilities to their full capabilities…especially when you’re a competitive surfer who likes to win – but I guess I like to think every girl is an anal queen, because they grew up on porn, you can’t get pregnant with anal, and most importantly – it is the window into a girl’s soul…and if any girl, not just one with an amazing round surf ass didn’t use it, they’d be wasting their god given talent…

They were in Ibiza, I can only assume with Kate Moss, Liv Tyler, Miranda Kerr and Wyclef Jean…who were also in Ibiza…because why else would a surfer be in Ibiza, it’s not like people surf there…they just do hard drugs and dance…topless…

Either way, this point and shoot snapshot series…is what vacation photos are all about…if you have a tight body like this to go on vacation with. My vacation photos involve more fat wife eating obscene amounts of food – offending everyone near her….

Here’s Anastasia..

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