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Bai Ling’s Ice Bucket Challenge of the Day

Bai Ling is the original BAE……

Bai Ling is 50 years old…but like all Asians, especially the ones who work at the convenience store by my house, are still totally worth fucking as they spend their family fortunes living lives of luxury in the Western world, but always willing to give a handjob for 50 dollars or less….it’s a cultural thing…

She was the Original Courtney Stodden, or equivalent fame whore, who never really did anything specifically, but who always walked the red carpets…pulled out tits…and got herself noticed for the tabloids…but no one knew why she existed.

I liked to think she was a thai tranny hooker who did well for herself and made it in America….because she’s not home working the sweatshops

She is more likely a rich kid from China doing nothing in America..but publicity stunts no one really notices, involving hard nipples, white t-shirts, ALS, and water….

I’m so into this..dumpling filled with crazy…that was a Chinese food reference…I’m feeling clever today.

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