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Lizzy Caplan in her Panties for Rolling Stone of the Day

I don’t know who Lizzy Caplan is, but I know she’s not hot, but still famous enough to get in Rolling Stone, not that that really means anything, but it’s more famous than me, because I’ve never been in Rolling Stone, if anything the only thing I will ever hear from Rolling Stone is a possible takedown notice for posting this pic of this whatever chick…bastards…with their bad panty pics…

In Conclusion, I like seeing girls in their underwear, even when they are girls I don’t care to see in their underwear.

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  • Lizzie Caplan = Kat Dennings, half the talent, half the body mass

  • roscoe

    Lizzie’s a much better actress than Kat Dennings. Also much hotter.

  • Initial_G

    Neither one of them can act but Kat got the boobs.

  • Matrim

    Lizzy Caplan is hot, also she’s a decent actress (loved her in Party Down).